“Run Fast. Eat Slow.” Ginger Molasses Granola

“Run Fast. Eat Slow.” Ginger Molasses Granola



I’ll admit I’ve put off making this one because it has a lot of ingredients I don’t normally keep around.


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I found this recipe very easy to make. You pretty much dump the ingredients in two different bowls then you combine them and spread the mixture on a cookie sheet. However, make sure you block out some time because it needs to bake for 45 minutes.




The first time I made this I substituted maple syrup for honey because I overlooked the fact that I needed honey. Aside from it not clumping as much it turned out great!


I store my granola in a large glass jar and I purchased a small glass jar to take it to work in.




At work I eat it with yogurt but I’ve also eaten it like cereal with milk. It’s even good right out of the jar!


Ginger Molasses Granola was a snap to make and is going to become a staple in my running diet. If you haven’t tried it yet make it your next recipe to test!


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