Year of (Not) Running 2017

Year of (Not) Running 2017




I wasn’t going to review my year of running but then thought, why not. Someday I’ll look back on this and hopefully I’ll be able to see how far I’ve come.

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So here it is. My Year of (Not) Running 2017.


  •  The Capital City Half getting called at mile 10.3 (for me) due to a severe thunder and lightning storm. I wouldn’t say this was a “good” race experience but it was certainly memorable. I’ve never ran a race that has been cancelled mid way through. I was under prepared and having some health issues so I was THRILLED when they said to turn the corner and finish. I was able to snag a grilled cheese in the VIP tent at the finish right before sirens starting going off and we were told to take shelter.
  •  Any run I was able to get in this year. I was grateful for every single one.
  • I have two favorites. Goodr sunglasses and Stance socks. My eyes and feet have been missing out until this year! I’m also madly in love with my Oiselle Aero jacket.
  •  Shoot for 80%. Now this may not be the best advise for someone who’s goal is to qualify for Boston but it’s damn good advise for someone who’s trying to hang on to their sanity as their year careens from one disaster to the next. You do not need to be perfect, 80% will do. Hell, some days even 50% is winning!
  •  My friend Jamie that passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. Jamie treated each run like a gift. His love of running was infectious. I miss him dearly.
  •  This picture is worth a thousand words. After five months of surgeries and dealing with an open wound on my backside I FINALLY got the all clear. The very next day I found out that I was switching jobs at work. I smiled so much on this run that my face hurt all afternoon.
  •  I only ran three races in 2017. Two local 5ks and the Capital City Half. I’m far removed from being in race shape. Some days I think that I should give up racing altogether. But then I find myself at a start line. “Born to Run” will be cranking out of the speakers, runners will be anxiously warming up and I can feel myself getting excited to race. I may not have ran any significant races in 2017 but I toed a start line three times and reminded myself just how much I love to race.
  •  I made it.

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