Problem Rectified! How My Repair Surgery Went

Problem Rectified! How My Repair Surgery Went


On Monday I had my long awaited fistula repair surgery. If you follow by blog you know that this has been a long, drawn out process. If you want the back story check out WTF: What the Fistula is Going on?!? and You Have a Tube Coming Out of Where?! My Latest Health Update.

I had a fun weekend full of clear liquids and enemas leading up to Monday’s procedure. After my colonoscopy two weeks ago this is becoming the norm.

Going into the procudure we had two options for the repair: fibrin glue repair or a fistulotomy. I was hoping for the glue repair, which would have involved gluing the tract. It was the less invasive of the two. My surgeon dashed that hope right away. However, he felt that he wouldn’t have to cut very deep.

The procedure itself went ok.

I had some sort of spasm when they put my breathing tube in. The inside of my mouth is cut up and my lip is a little split on the inside as a result.

The repair didn’t go quite as the surgeon planned. He had to cut deeper than he originally thought. I was told he could have cut through muscle but chose not to. A side effect would have been incontinence. I’m not stranger to shitting myself on a run but I don’t want to make a habit of it so this was great news.

I wasn’t suppose to have any stitches but since he cut deeper than originally planned I have both internal and external stitches.

Overall I feel alright. My butt hurts a bit but I’d put the pain at a one or two. My split lip hurts the most. And I’m pretty tired.

The good news is that the fistula has been repaired, my drain is out and the results of my biopsies were negative for Crohns.

Now it’s time to rest up, heal up and get back to running.



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