You Have a Tube Coming Out of Where?!- My Latest Health Update

You Have a Tube Coming Out of Where?!- My Latest Health Update


If you read my last health update blog post you already know that I had a seton drain placed due to an anal fistula. This past Monday I had a colonoscopy to determine if I have Crohns disease and on September 11th I will have repair surgery for my fistula.

Let’s flash back to three weeks ago though. Going into exploratory surgery the possibility of a fistula and drain placement was never brought up. The surgeon thought I had a suture that didn’t dissolve from my first procedure. I woke up from surgery laying on my side shivering from the anesthesia to hear the doctor saying that I have an anal fistula that he placed a drain into and I may have Crohns.

I wasn’t really given much more information than that. Imagine my surprise when I took the dressings off that night and discovered that not only does the drain come out of my original incision but it also comes out of my butt. I was shook.

The first few days were pretty uncomfortable. I could definitely tell I had a tube coming out of my butt all day everyday. I took two days off work to recover/get use to the drain. When I went back I took a butt pillow with me. We’re BFFs now.

Almost a full week after the drain placement I braved a run. I told myself that if it was too uncomfortable I’d stop at any point.



I surprised myself by doing four miles. While I’m running I can’t feel the drain at all.

With that said I’m still looking forward to getting it out very soon. As of now the plan is to remove the drain when I have the repair surgery on the 11th.

During the my colonoscopy they took some biopsies. The results aren’t back yet but the doctor told me it doesn’t look like I have Crohns. I’ll find out those results on the 11th as well.

Though I’m looking forward to the repair and getting the Seton drain out I’m not looking forward to the recovery or downtime from running.

Between now and then I plan to enjoy every step that I can.


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