WTF: What the Fistula is Going on?!?

WTF: What the Fistula is Going On?!?




Yesterday morning I had exploratory surgery to find out why my incision from my cyst removal surgery isn’t healing properly.

The cyst has been an ongoing issue for me since last July. In November of last year I had it drained and wrote this blog post, Sometimes Life is a Real Pain in the Butt.

In May I had an outpatient surgery that went went south quick and landed me in the hospital with an infected incision site. I shared about that struggled in a different blog post, I Thought Bad Things Only Came in Threes: How My Year is Shaping Up.

For the past two months I’ve been going to the wound clinic hoping that they could find the magic formula to get this thing to heal.

No such luck.

So yesterday morning I went in for exploratory surgery.

The good news is the doctor figured out what’s going on, the bad news is that it’s a fistula. If you don’t know what that is only look it up if you’re not grossed out easily. He put in a Seton drain for the time being to help it heal. If you clicked on that link yes, that’s exactly where the ends of my drain are coming out.

I’ll likely have the drain in for about a month. I have to have a colonoscopy done as well because he wants to rule out Crohn’s disease as the cause of the fistula. I’m not having any other Crohns symptoms so I’m hopeful it’s not that. 

In about a month I’ll need to have a third surgery to repair the fistula.

My surgeon, who is also a marathoner, told me I can continue to run as long as the drain doesn’t bother me. It’s small and thin, about the size of a rubber band, so I’m hoping it won’t

On the bright side we now know what’s going on. There’s still a ways to go on the road to recovery though.



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