Life Recap

Life Recap


I can’t in good faith call last week a training recap. Very little training went on. It was one of the longest, hardest weeks I think I’ve ever been through. Even the universe agreed and cut the week short by an hour.




Monday was my long awaited day in court to give my victim impact statement against the stalker. I’ll go into more  detail about it at a later date but here is the newspaper clipping from the Courier Express.




Tuesday– 9 miles on the bike



We didn't match on purpose 🙈 9 miles on the bike this morning while @myogihot did her thing.

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I didn’t have to be at work until 1:00 so I hit the gym with Morgan before I headed back home. I’m glad I got this workout in because after work I had a Builder Association meeting.




I worked from 7-5 then had a financial meeting after work. I didn’t get home until after 7:00. I was just getting into bed to read when my friend Mike called. I let the call go to voicemail and he texted me that it was urgent. Our friend Jamie had collapsed shortly after they had finished their run. Mike said he’d call me when he knew more. He called back about an hour later to tell me that Jamie had passed away. I cannot even begin to say how heartbroken I was.




I took a Xanax before work. I had a lot I needed to get done and I couldn’t afford to spend the day crying. Between court on Monday and Jamie passing away I felt numb. I worked late and didn’t get home until after 7:00 for the third night in a row.




After work I went shopping. I typically hate shopping but needed to do something to occupy my mind.




I was with customers from the minute I walked in until an hour after the store closed. It was a four hour revolving door of people.


Sunday– 10 miles


Jamie’s viewing was Sunday afternoon so I headed up to DuBois for the second time that week. Before the viewing Mike and I ran 10 miles in memory of Jamie.






After the viewing I headed home physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.


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